New Year

Wow I still can't believe we are already in 2010!Last year passed way to fast,but thank God hes given us a New year to makeup for all the things we didn't do last year...

Our New Year's party was very fun.A SPECIAL THANKS TO SAYURI ,HEPSI AND STEPHANIE(DE ICAZA) FOR COMING TO OUR SUPER DUPER PARTY:) anyways we ate lamb,pasta and I forgot what else but the point is ,it was delicious and filling.We danced tons,and we blew up some fire crackers...well more like the boys did..we just ran around screaming,it was cold and as u can see we had dresses on...yeah I know...not so smart..but anyhow we had a blast.

I have soo many goals for this year,I want to live this year to the full,I am really thankful God gave me another chance.Last year I learned many things..I went through many trials and struggles I can honestly say I wouldnt want to errase anything.Even though at times it was extremely hard,I am so happy the Lord helped me make it through.The pain,sorrow and dispair all helped for good.I pray this year will be better then the last one not only for me,but for all of you.May God grant your all the desires of your heart,the strength for life's trials,and the patience required for this journey.
I love your ppl.thanks for the love you ppl.shared with me last year.May God reward you:)

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6 de enero de 2010, 9:53

Steph! I miss you ALREADY..Love you TONZIES. (actually I missed you since we got inside this house and -sigh- it hit me) :P :-* :-* Take care of your looovewovely self!


23 de enero de 2010, 19:31

Yes, I agree! Last year was amazing, yet.....yeah, passed waaaaay to fast!!! I love how you look in the pictures! You're all so beautiful!