Christmas Eve.

Me smashing the christmas was just too....special.
(1)Me and Gabriel and Ruth's pretty living room
Me opening Sandy's present.I felt so loved she sent me a present.
I love u Sandy...

Christmas Drama.

As christmas was coming near,I must confess I didn't really have such a christmassy spirit.
More like I didn't really have time to think about it,since we were traveling.
It seemed like the year passed way to fast.
But the day before christmas Eve ,Stephanie and her family arrived.
As soon as she came I felt sort of happy and reminded of how Christmas felt,
and what it was really all about.For some random reason she was like a little reminder of Jesus' love towards me,I guess that's why I was suddenly reminded of what christmas was all about.

Anyways the next day that Stephanie(de Icaza) and her Fam arrived it was Christmas Eve
(the day we celebrated christmas).Everyone was running up and down getting ready,cooking wrapping presents.I was mostly busy with picking what I was gonna wear(yes I know I am vain)
I was surprised I wasnt asked to help in anything,I was in my own personal heaven LOL.
As the day went by ,I was faced with a problem:
I didnt know how I was gonna fix my hair (yes and I also know I am dramatic).
Kerenina (Coen) came over to spend christmas Eve with us.
I asked Stephanie to try to fiz my hair..but none of us really knew what to do well more like
I am way to picky.So I asked Kerenina to try to fix my hair,she fixed my hair in a different way.
I definitely wasnt used to the way I looked(as u can see on pic number one)so I did this huge deal asking everyone how I looked,everyone said I looked good it was then and there I realised I have a hard time trusting ppl.
So Stephanie(de Icaza) was chatting and she put her webcam and so I decided to ask for ppls opinion about my hair(which Stephanie called "her witnesses"LOL) and they said I looked good
A SPECIAL THANKS TO MEG AND WILL FOR COMPLIMENTING.I couldnt have gone out the door without you "witnesses" hehehe.
So we went to Gabriel and Ruths Home,auntie Ruth decorated everything beautifully.
The table was set,there was candles,lights,stalkings and a huggable christmas tree:D
It was soo nicely decorated it was almost for a romantic occasion.
We ate Brisket,pasta and salad(for those of you who are wondering).
I ate so much,I could barely move.Then I put some music and we started dancing.Oh my goodness,everyone was dancing like crazy haha..My dad was dancing "like no one was watching him" and everyone else was really into it. We danced till our feet could move no longer.
Then everyone said something they were thankful for and some ppl said poems ,sang carols,and we also sang"Happy Birthday" to Jesus.Then we went back home and we started opening our presents it was like 3:00 a.m.I was like a little girl eager to see what was inside the presents(well we all were)I got money,clothes,a hand bag,nail polish,makeup(now I have no excuse to look ugly) and a necklace Sandy gave me ANOTHER SPECIAL THANKS TO SANDY.MARIE AND SUSY.I felt so loved :)then after opening presents the best part was yet to come.The part when we went to sleep! I was so exhausted.And thats all...well not nearly all but I dont want to bore all my fans:P heeeheee

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29 de diciembre de 2009, 11:21

well sounds nice enough is thats the only post so far or is there more


23 de enero de 2010, 19:39

No excuse to look ugly??? Sorry, you just could never look ugly!