Why I decided to create a blog.

For some time I've been visiting different ppl's blogs.I noticed how everyone would write about their lives or different things and how they looked soo..like professional..I was so jealous:P hehehe...I also noticed everyone was trying hard to express their ideas and opinions,I thought it would be a good thing for me too start(I also wanted to feel special and professional)so I asked Steph to help me make one.A SPECIAL THANKS TO STEPHANIE DE ICAZA FOR HELPING ME OUT WITH MY "PROFESSIONAL" BLOG lol.

WARNING: for those of you who decides to read my
Blog: I am an extremely random person so don't
be surprised if I suddenly write something about
cows or anything out of the ordinary.

I am going to try to be constant in updating my blog
since I am the kind of ppl. who start something
and never finish it.I remind myself of the movie of
"Julie and Julia" for those of your who have seen
it you will understand why hehe.
Anyways I love u ppl. please comment.
if you have any sugestions,complaints, or advice
please call or email me :P hehehe...gosh I so admire
my professionalism hehehe (I know you guys are
thinking the same thing haha jk)

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